Keith B. Winslow Bio

Keith B. Winslow Bio

Keith B. Winslow was destined to embrace radio, after visiting a radio station in Huntsville Alabama called WEUP radio housed in a little trailer off Oakwood Rd., the rest is history. Charles Winslow, based in Huntsville at Redstone Arsenal Military, was the early influence, who hosted a community radio and TV program called, “Talk Fest”.

He Graduated and joined the entertainment industry in 1969, where he started out as road manager for the legend Little Richard. Over the years he learned song writing, production, promotion, and publishing and interacted with some of the greats in radio. Mentoring with Rodney Jones in Chicago, where his love of radio continued to grow. After moving to Atlanta, he became a licensed booking agent. The industry was evolving as Disco and Rap music came on the scene.  Disc Jockeys (DJs) were now in high demand.

At this junction Keith Winslow got into radio and acquired an FCC broadcasting license through Columbia School of Broadcasting (1971), This was a natural progression into all fascist of radio and television production.

In late 2009 he contracted with American Veterans Alliance and developed an Internet radio station to support veterans. The program was called WVETONLINERADIO.COM and is still on the air at Sunshine Radio 96.7 FM in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Gospel music has always been a backbone for community radio, so Keith ventured to Miami to learn the new Internet radio platform, joined Vibez Radio 101 Fm, Boss Entertainment Group and created “Goslelypso” radio show.

During the recent Covid-19 Epidemic he led campaigns to direct persons who wanted to get the vaccine to all locations in the community and assisted in getting the elderly and disabled veterans vaccinated in their homes and at retirement communities. The coast guard security supported all workers and was a part of his “We Support Vets 2” initiative.

Now, you can find Keith featured on the “Little Richard, I am Everything” documentary. As well, you can join Keith on his journey in November with the release of his new book, “California I’m Coming, an Entertainment Adventure Begins Here.”

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