Physical Media Distribution

Experience efficient and reliable physical media distribution with OG Publishing & Distribution.

Our Services

We offer in-house and partnership opportunities to established creators, record and production labels, publishing firms, producers, or literary agencies looking for elite industry standard production and placement opportunities.


Get your music in the hands of listeners worldwide with OG Publishing & Distribution's extensive network of independent and chain businesses.


From theaters to living rooms, OG Publishing & Distribution has the experience and resources to ensure your film reaches its audience.


OG Publishing & Distribution provides dependable physical distribution and promotional opportunities to ensure your book reaches readers globally.

OG Publishing

Physical Distribution

Physical distribution is at the heart of OG Publishing & Distribution operations. The primary aspect of publishing is getting a book to readers when and where they need it, whether that be via chain bookstores, independent bookstores in downtown areas, drugstores, or grocery stores. The distribution industry is built on a foundation provided by the supply chain. It gets harder as there are more books handled. 

OG Media Distribution

A key element of the book’s production chain is distribution, which can be attributed to the handling of billing, freight, and returns. To help partner publishers in each of its primary operational countries better recoup fixed costs, OG Publishing & Distribution offers marketing and distribution services for physical books, film, and music. We have strategically positioned our business through the utilization of sector involvement, affiliates and partnerships enabling us to serve more than 3,000 independent and chain businesses, 3,700+ unique online clients, and 16,000 ship to locations from a single 700,000 square foot warehouse in Kentucky.


Through our partner affiliates at Alliance Entertainment, the largest wholesaler in the world, and our strategic alliance with AMPED Distribution, we can provide you very sophisticated inventory management capabilities, quick order processing, and secure monitoring & tracking for incoming freight. Thanks to contemporary book, film, music packing machinery, and vinyl sorters, even non-traditional customers like Guitar Center and Urban Outfitters may ensure secure delivery to your followers utilizing the most exact and effective hand selection process imaginable.



Streamlined Production Solution

A straightforward manufacturing procedure that may be utilized to handle orders, solicit product sales, provide assets, and set up databases all within 48 to 72 hours


Technology-Driven Approach

Connecting with clients globally through technology and sales staff. Efficient outbound distribution to bulk and e-commerce sites like Amazon.


Effective Sales Mapping

SEO specialists and web design team work together to identify objectives and problematic product pages to make sure that sales are appropriately mapped to you.


Transparent reporting

Our reporting for routine royalty, inventory, and sales analysis is designed to be clear, detailed, and transparent. This provides you with valuable insights for review and feedback.


Expansive Market Reach

Capability to interact and advertise with over 800 special market customers representing over 5,000 libraries, schools, universities, cultural centers, and retail stores.


Simplified Global Service

Global strategic partnerships enable single-source, global service, and distribution without the complications of multiple territorial rights quagmires.


Maximizing Exposure

We also offer a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities to support your releases at Independent Retail, Chain Accounts, Big Box (Walmart & Target), and on the Alliance Web AMI system, which is used by over 21,000 retailer buyers, store owners, and purchasing agents to submit weekly orders.

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