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Experience the power of global reach with OG’s digital media distribution solutions.

Our Areas of Interest

Books: Autobiographies/Memoirs; Poetry; Cookbooks/Nutrition; Health Awareness; Children Books; History Books; Business/Entrepreneur/Financial Literacy; Learning

Music: Above-average independent musicians dedicated to making authentic music composed of original beats, purposeful and easily understood lyrics, live instruments, and notable collaborations.

Film: Documentaries; Romance; Animations; Comedy; Mystery; Adventure; Thriller/Action; Adventure; BiOG Pubaphical; History; Sports and Music Genre


Get your music in the hands of listeners worldwide with OG Publishing & Distribution's extensive network of independent and chain businesses.


From theaters to living rooms, OG Publishing & Distribution has the experience and resources to ensure your film reaches its audience.


OG Publishing & Distribution provides dependable Digital distribution and promotional opportunities to ensure your book reaches readers globally.

OG Publishing

DIgital Distribution

Welcome to our digital media distribution service page, where we offer the latest technology and innovative solutions for distributing books, films, and music.

Our platform provides an efficient and seamless distribution system for content creators, publishers, and media companies to reach a wider audience. With our user-friendly interface, customers can easily access a vast collection of digital content from anywhere in the world, including books, films, and music.


Our digital media distribution service offers a wide range of books from different genres, including autobiographies/memoirs, poetry, cookbooks/nutrition, health awareness, children’s books, history books, business/entrepreneur/financial literacy, and learning. We cater to the diverse interests of our customers by providing a comprehensive selection of digital books.


Our Music media service supports independent musicians who create authentic music composed of original beats, purposeful lyrics, live instruments, and notable collaborations. We offer a platform for talented musicians to showcase their work and expand their audience, providing a diverse selection of material music for music lovers to enjoy.


We provides a comprehensive selection of films covering various genres. From documentaries to romance, animation to comedy, mystery to adventure, and thriller/action to biographical and historical films, we offer a diverse range of content for our customers to choose from. We also cater to sports and music enthusiasts, providing films that explore these genres in-depth. Our team works closely with filmmakers to ensure that their films are distributed effectively and efficiently, taking care of all the technical details so that they can focus on their creative vision.



Support Squad

Our extended teams provide dedicated support for metadata compliance, rights management, feedback, and whitelisting requests in a timely and trouble-free manner.


Digital Boosters

We offer expert consultation, scheduling, and planning to gain recognition from major digital service providers. Our strategic initiatives increase your digital presence.


Flow Assurance

We ensure smooth distribution changes and transfers with no disruptions to your revenue flow or important digital data, such as monthly listeners, followers, and track-by-track totals.


Effortless Ingestion

Our asset delivery and content ingestion production process is simple and straightforward. We make it easy for you to get your content to digital platforms quickly.


Insight Analytics

Stay on top of your activity with transparent, highly detailed reporting for streaming activity, sales analysis, playlisting, skipped, completed UGC and monetized tracks.


Streamline Process

Our streamlined process ensures accurate and timely delivery to over 200 DSPs and social media outlets. We compete for top-tier placement and offer marketing opportunities.

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