Ozone Gold Publishing & Distribution offers Global physical and digital distribution, but strategic global marketing too. Here's some of what you can expect:

Digital Media Distribution

A simplified process, fast ingestions, metadata and style guideline compliance ensures an accurate and timely delivery to over 150 digital download platforms, 200+ DSPs and Social Media outlets. Our capable specialists will advocate on your behalf for top-line and genre page positioning, editorial, curated and algorithmic playlisting submissions, marketing & promotional opportunities for both audio & video digital distribution. 

Physical Distribution:

We service over 3k independent & chain accounts as well as en e-commerce reach of 3,700+ unique customers and 16,000 ship to locations, out of a centralized 700,000 square foot warehouse located in Kentucky. Through our partnerships, we are backed by the world’s most powerful wholesaler,

In House Distribution

Our ability to ensure the producer of any work is our focal point within each negotiation. This is why, in most cases we are able to offer two separate terms of compensation to the author. This is to ensure that each Author has a great chance to scale the progress of each material without taking risks. 


We provide a suite of advertising and promotional opportunities to support your releases at Independent Retail, Chain Accounts, Big Box (Wal-Mart & Target) as well as on the Alliance WebAMI system, used by over 21,000 retail buyers, store owners and purchasing agents to submit their weekly orders.

In House Marketing

Our parent company, Ozone Gold LLC (d/b/a Ozone Gold Radio), provides ongoing marketing opportunities such as it’s signatory, global radio station that streams throughout the U.S, U.K, Canada, Africa and a few more countries. Currently, we are hosting a Hybrid Distribution Concert Tour where public speaking and global distribution are built into the platforms.
Within Ozone Gold LLC and it’s subsidiaries are a multitude of opportunities for public exposure, celebrity endorsements, speaking engagements, product marketing and more. 

Results & Communication

Clear, detailed and transparent royalty, inventory & sale analysis reporting is provided routinely for your review and feedback. 

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